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Swirling is a game inspired by the behaviour of fluids. In Swirling you play the role of Aeolus, Keeper of the Winds, in Greek mythology. By tilting your device, you create currents of air to sort loose leaves, bump together snowflakes and help bugs catch lunch. In the game, your whole screen is filled with virtual air and the currents of air you create are painted to make them visible. You can either attempt each level on its own, or you can test your skills as Keeper of the Winds by trying the Challenge. To complete the Challenge you must pass each level by achieving a set score. Failing a level ends the Challenge.

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Swirling screenshots

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More Swirling screenshots

Swirling is available ($0.99 USD) for download on iPad.



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Swirling is a result from wanting to be able to simulate fluid flow in real-time. I have always loved watching the patterns created by fluids mixing, such as milk being poured into a cup of coffee or tea (yes, with milk, and poured second!). As part of my post-graduate studies at University, I had my first experiences with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, so I’ve always had a slight professional interest in fluid simulation. More recently, as a father of two young kids, I can see their fascination with the patterns created when they splash in muddy puddles or play with soapy water in the kitchen sink. Creating a game with fluid-like behaviour was always going challenging, but it is possible – if you forfeit some physics and accuracy. To my knowledge there currently aren’t many games that provide a full screen model of a fluid that is also updated at approximately 60 Hz. I have seen some impressive fluid simulations running on the iPad, plus the liquid pouring and squirting game genre, but I believe Swirling is the first game that uses a  full-screen (fully immersed) fluid simulation covering the entire screen. I hope you enjoy Swirling and take a second look at the beautiful patterns nature creates all around you.

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