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Swirling is a game which challenges you to create and master the usually invisible currents swirling around you in the air. Swirling is a fluid physics game where success depends on your ability to read the behaviour of the currents and manipulate them to complete the given tasks.

In Swirling, the player takes on the role of Aeolus, Keeper of the Wind, from Greek mythology.  The player blows the wind by tilting the device to swirl snowflakes, leaves, birds and bugs through 16 levels. Mastering Swirling is not easy! We are used to controlling the behaviour of projectiles under the influence of gravity, but not so used to controlling the currents in fluids, even though we observe these effects around us on a day to day basis. To be a true master at Swirling, a player will have to complete the Challenge mode where all levels have to be passed in a single attempt, with little room for complacency.

Swirling is a new fluid physics simulation game, available on iPad, by independent developer Graham T. Spence living in Northern England (UK). He is aiming to develop more apps and games inspired by science, nature and engineering.

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Swirling game icon

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